If you are looking for a game of chance, but tired of Poker, and video slots do not seem to be something interesting – try playing virtual Baccarat. Just choose the Canadian casino sites, as they are legal and safe. Before the round, read the rules, remember the gameplay principles and learn about the best strategies. Today, you can find professional tips of playing Baccarat on the Internet. Below there is the best Baccarat strategy online according to experienced Canadian gamers of 2021.

How to play Baccarat, using the 1324 strategy?

So, what is online Baccarat? This game is pretty ancient and people have been competing in it since long before the invention of the Internet. The rules of Baccarat are extremely simple, but it does not mean that every user can win it all the time.

Today, there are many types of online Baccarat, but the essence of each game is to use two or three cards to score the number of points that is equal to 9 or the closest to this number. Therefore, Baccarat strategy online depends on the rules of the particular version of the game.

Online Baccarat starts with the gamer making a bet. There are 3 possible options: a player wins, a dealer wins, or a tie. After that, the system distributes two cards to the player and the dealer. Depending on the number of points that the player and the dealer have on the cards, a third card can be automatically opened.

There are many ways to play and win Baccarat. One of the best Baccarat strategy online is 1324. Here’s what you should know about it:

  • The 1-3-2-4 Baccarat strategy online is based on the popular 1-3-2-6 tournament gambling system, but is designed to reduce the overall game variance. The player puts only 4 units on the fourth bet, thereby preserving the total win, even if the last bet loses;
  • If the bet wins, you move on to the next bet in the sequence;
  • If the bet loses, you go back to the beginning;
  • If you win all four bets and complete the sequence, you will return to the start, earning 10 units of profit.

In online Baccarat, you can win big money if you manage to get all four bets using 1-3-2-4 Baccarat basic strategy or tie bet strategy. Remember another important feature – as long as you win the first two bets (1 out of 4), you are guaranteed a total profit, even if the third bet does not work.

Features of tie betting way of playing

Another well-known strategy for virtual Baccarat is tie betting. The meaning is that the player bets on a tie result. The payouts for this bet are higher than those for the dealer or the player. But this method is quite risky and can bring a big win only on large bets. As a rule, experienced gamers do not recommend betting on a tie.

When players choose such a bet, they hope that both the banker’s and the player’s hands will have the same value. However, the odds of this best-case scenario happening are against them. Despite the fact that the payout here is much more tempting than the other available betting options, its home advantage is extremely unfavorable, and therefore it should be avoided.

General tips on how to play and win online Baccarat more often than lose:

  1. Choose a casino with the best payouts in Baccarat;
  2. Bet only on the player;
  3. Don’t play for too long, and if you win, leave the game this time;
  4. Choose Baccarat casino game strategy and stick to it throughout the game session;
  5. Manage your money properly.

People who call Baccarat a boring game just haven’t won it yet. Once you learn how to play and win, you will realize that Baccarat can be a great alternative to Roulette or Blackjack.

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